stu to Produce Immersive Experience Combining Projection Mapping and AR Experience-based event themed on bridging the digital divide to be held at KDDI concept store GINZA 456



We produced an immersive experience that combined projection mapping and AR, as well as the entire facility, for “Digital Connection Story: Heisei Nostalgia and Mirai in the Village,” an interactive event held at KDDI’s concept store “GINZA 456 Created by KDDI,” with the theme of bridging the digital divide.

In recent years, the introduction and use of digital services in government requires local residents to become proficient in using digital technology. At the same time, however, support for the digital divide, where people lack access to digital technology due to various disparities and are unable to fully benefit from services, has become an issue. We sympathize with KDDI’s efforts to address this situation, and devised a plan to make more people aware of the information gap as a familiar problem and to help people feel a society in which everyone can benefit from digitization. We have developed experiential content that can be enjoyed as entertainment.